Show-Me State Food and Beverage Manufacturing Initiative

The Missouri Agricultural Foundation seeks to contract with an organization to assist in the development of a comprehensive economic feasibility study. This study will explore opportunities for Missouri to increase its value-added food and beverage processing and manufacturing capabilities. Proposals are due May 15, 2018. Questions should be directed to

Request for Proposals

Missouri Beef Initiative Grants

The Beef Initiative Grants are available to fund research projects that will enhance our beef cattle industry and allow our state to capture additional economic value. Grant categories include covered feeding facilities, beef research, fescue tolerance, innovative solutions and economic impact studies and small/medium size beef processor modernization.

History of the Missouri Beef Initiative

In early 2015, Governor Nixon convened the Missouri Beef Summit in Columbia to maximize the potential of Missouri’s beef industry and help move the state’s rural economy forward, while at the same time protecting land, air and water resources. The summit brought together large and small-scale beef producers with agricultural leaders and experts to discuss how to grow and improve the herd in Missouri, how to help producers increase the value of the industry by keeping more cattle in-state for finishing, and how to better market Missouri beef for its high quality for both foreign and domestic consumption.

Covered Feeding Facilities

Missouri universities may apply to conduct research regarding the economic benefits of an 80-head covered feeding facility. The proposed research must compare beef production in covered feeding facilities to open feeding areas, linking outcomes that can be applied to management practices in beef production.

Funding Available

Beef Research

Researchers may apply for funding to investigate an integrated approach to enhance beef production in Missouri including, but not limited to, improving animal efficiency, improve post-weaning growth, improve health diagnostics, and improve forage production for the focused purpose of improving the profitability of beef production.

Funding Available

Fescue Tolerance

A proposal is requested to identify a method to determine whether breeding cattle are fescue tolerant. Proposals are required to use genetic markers to identify fescue tolerance. Funds will be used to subsidize test cost ($10 per sample).

Funding Available

Innovative Solutions and Economic Impact Studies

A proposal is requested to identify innovative solutions for adding value to Missouri beef. Proposals will need to identify the costs and the economic impact of the proposed solutions for producers, processors, the State, and local communities.

Funding Available

Small/Medium Size Beef Processor Modernization

A proposal is requested for funds to modernize and increase the capacity of small/medium size beef processors within Missouri. Proposals must illustrate the need and demand for the proposed facility upgrades.

Funding Available

Agricultural Stewardship Assurance Program
Missouri ASAP

The Missouri Agricultural Stewardship Assurance Program (ASAP) is a verification program that champions Missouri farmers who are responsible stewards of the land, provide safe food for consumers, practice environmental stewardship and use science-based technology for growing safe and dependable feed, fuel and fiber in a socially and economic manner. Visit to learn more.

Life Sciences Quest

The Life Sciences Quest summer academy, July 17-23, 2016, teaches urban and suburban high school students about agriculture, biotechnology and life sciences. The week-long program takes place on Mizzou’s campus and serves as a pre-college summer program for students interested in careers in those fields.